At first sight you see only white noise. But under the right circumstances, more is revealed.

The limits of perception are not fixed. They depend on several factors. A face, for instance, is more easily recognizable than a landscape because our brain is hardwired with a very keen face recognition algorithm that tries to match faces to whatever images surround us. Distance can also affect our perception of an image. Usually, the closer we are to our subject, the better we see it. This case is an exception, however: if you look at the screen from a certain distance, an image may be identified; but if you get closer, it is no longer there.

Note: given the nature of this work, if the image is still, it is not representative of the piece.

Technical description: Generative video (16:9 vertical), color, 19” LCD screen, variable duration

Fosfeno was shown in the following places:

  • Nov 2011 – Ouvertures d’Ateliers – Marseille, France

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